ENIGMA Crossword Evaluation

This evaluation is now closed, thank you if you took part. On average the 60 people who took part correctly identified 70% of the clues.

I have marked the ENIGMA clues with an E.

Q1. (BROTHER) (E) Double berth is awkward around rising gold (7)
Sibling getting soup with hesitation (7)
Q2. (DISCARDED) Dad’s cider mistakenly thrown out (9)
(E) Tossed wild cards in past (9)
Q3. (DRAGON) (E) Note that groan is wild and berserk (6)
Something boring about fire-breathing monster (6)
Q4. (EVENT) (E) Issue proceeding (5)
Incident involving head of English before opening (5)
Q5. (EXPRESS) Fast, say (7)
(E) Limited by mean (7)
Q6. (LAPSE) (E) Slip plate above boiled peas (5)
Slight error in peals, possibly (5)
Q7. (LESSON) Period of instruction for the French boy (6)
(E) Notice that large noses are runny (6)
Q8. (MALE) (E) Place back run above direction (4)
Man getting post, we hear (4)
Q9. (PRISON) One boy following pair from jail (6)
(E) Ward fresh rips above back number (6)
Q10. (PROPOSE) (E) Maintain falling tincture in twisted rope (7)
Suggest a professional model (7)
Q11. (RAP) Knock a style of music (3)
(E) Snap slam (3)
Q12. (REALM) Royal, male, astray in kingdom (5)
(E) Ground and cooked meal following recipe (5)
Q13. (SADDLE) (E) Form charge (6)
Seat for rider with burden (6)
Q14. (SORT) Kind royal taken in by drunkard (4)
(E) File is separate (4)
Q15. (SURE) (E) Convinced potential user (4)
User out, convinced (4)
Q16. (ATOMIC) (E) False coat around state to compact (6)
Thrown in a moat one’s cold on a small scale (6)
Q17. (CHARACTER) (E) Light broken arch above spilled crate (9)
Letter or card (9)
Q18. (DECORUM) (E) Pseudo code and singular virtue (7)
Artistic style with odd dignity (7)
Q19. (ENACT) (E) Comb back then time order (5)
Stick around with time to play (5)
Q20. (EXPANSE) (E) Sweep area (7)
Stretch in river that’s without vessels (7)
Q21. (HOARD) (E) Save to stack (5)
Stockpile found in house on a road (5)
Q22. (OGLING) Go back with Heather giving nasty looks (6)
(E) Insulting and criminal gin after odd log (6)
Q23. (REHEARSAL) (E) Sketch moving share in poor earl (9)
Catches held in actual practice (9)
Q24. (RURAL) Game bird mostly turning up in the country (5)
(E) Metropolitan country (5)
Q25. (SCION) That is something carrying a charge for a descendant (5)
(E) Twig that coins are lost (5)
Q26. (SEWER) Second vessel becomes a drain (5)
(E) Drain fresh ewers (5)
Q27. (SOLID) Betrayed but holding one to be sound (5)
(E) Firm penny after essential oils (5)
Q28. (STYGIAN) Gloomy, and staying unsettled (7)
(E) Fiendish and strange saying around true (7)
Q29. (TILLER) (E) Excited trill around note to key (6)
Territory inherited by sick, arable farmer (6)
Q30. (UNNOTICED) (E) Unseen and scattered noun before running edict (9)
Continued to become neglected (9)